Red Lightning Caught On Camera 

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Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, this photographer captured red sprites or red lightning forming in China.

Links To Sources:

The Red Sprite video was shot in eastern Kansas by storm photographer Scott Currens. Please visit his channel to see more Red Sprite and severe weather footage.


Thumbnail: debins.info/camera/9iK...

Dog & Cat: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfZ5w...

Rocket Mission: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mfg6m...

Snow Leopard: www.youtube.com/watch?v=34Dmd...

Playing Cards: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYSPa...

Jellyfish: pCOhG7Cahj...

Dog Pool: gigithesaint

Drawer: tinyurl.com/p8enspy9

Cat Toes: tinyurl.com/y7be43d4

Human Egg: tinyurl.com/6uyd2fp6

Hedgehog: tinyurl.com/e6by7b4k

Trampoline: tinyurl.com/323dvapp

Polevault: tinyurl.com/htvdxd6c

Rest of the videos: debins.info/camera/dkQ...

Also in this video, a dog saw a cat in the yard and tried to scare it away. We see what a little human egg looks like compared to a coin. A zoo installed a new security camera and scared this snow leopard. A person made amazing stop motion animation using playing cards.


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13 Mai 2021



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KOMMENTARE 18 396   
Jimmy Shadow
Jimmy Shadow Vor 2 Monate
People seem to be confused about the human eggs shown in this video. All living humans were once a tiny little egg made by your biological mother. If you're confused about human eggs, I'm guessing you do not know how babies are made.
Um don’t talk to me
Literally see no one getting confused lmao
QuotedPrawn7490 Vor 18 Tage
Fax 📠 no printer 🖨 I learned this in 5th grade less than 5 years ago
Khem Dino
Khem Dino Vor 18 Tage
How di they even get that out of there
W Vor 29 Tage
We do know how babies are erm made.. we just didnt know eggs were a thing in humans probably
Chai Hu
Chai Hu Vor Monat
Someone dropped out of SRE to soon
Charles Knoepp
Charles Knoepp Vor 5 Stunden
2:00 I think thats actually called a shitty drawer
Daily Dose of Rips
Daily Dose of Rips Vor 12 Stunden
1:25 how are we even all possible
Gagerdoodooz Vor 2 Tage
0:59 ...
Truthful Lives Matter
so according to the major city sized sprite over the fisheye fake globe apparently major cities are hundreds of miles wide but then you look down below and they're only 100k feet up over a city and the lightning is dwarfed just as it should be... no these are not as big as cities. I like your videos but dont forget about science itself being a lie. I know you dont care but i do so im gonna say something.. Watch the flat earth haters turn allllll attention on me... except Im not a flat earther I just realize how dumbed down we are now...
jerry s
jerry s Vor 3 Tage
01:15 US Aerospace I would like an find out what I'm seeing. It is very interesting.
TenSack Vor 3 Tage
Which came first the human or the egg?
Joe Vor 3 Tage
this video needs MOAR internets
Cliche _
Cliche _ Vor 4 Tage
I think i saw green lightning once.
Uh oh Cole chose the villain route
Jaden Vor 5 Tage
last guy dead.
S1eepyHead Vor 6 Tage
I did see red lightning before when I was fishing with my father and I called it "Lightning Mcqueen".
Samsung Phone
Samsung Phone Vor 8 Tage
it a worm hole created by time travelers...
Cyrus Carrasco 2021 Anniversary
1:31 that hedgehog is t-posing
bob proctor
bob proctor Vor 11 Tage
Space, the huge lie of indoctrination.
Dwarfedgiant Vor 3 Tage
Only for the thick. That's what they think. The smart among us know otherwise lol
Si Hopebgood
Si Hopebgood Vor 13 Tage
I know what a human egg is but what on earth (or off) is that rocket thing at 1:24?
Melissa Carmack-epling
Luv your videos all the way from Kentucky.... ❤💚💙💜💛
Dot Dot
Dot Dot Vor 6 Tage
Stfu yokel
Azimul Farabi
Azimul Farabi Vor 16 Tage
0:59 what is a human egg????
Si Hopebgood
Si Hopebgood Vor 13 Tage
It's what each and everyone of us are born from. All human females are born with eggs already inside them. The males' sperm then fertilises those eggs and a baby is born.
Loon Vor 17 Tage
don’t worry it’s just a Stygian Zinogre
william goss
william goss Vor 18 Tage
Really Cool !!
QuotedPrawn7490 Vor 18 Tage
What’s the massive dome of light at 0:26?
Dwarfedgiant Vor 3 Tage
Lightening strikes in the storm clouds, hence the red sprite above it.
QuotedPrawn7490 Vor 18 Tage
The thumbnail makes the red sprites looks like the continents
DanSydTV Vor 18 Tage
I can't get over Peter the airplane hedgehog 😂
Si Hopebgood
Si Hopebgood Vor 13 Tage
"The emergency exits are here, here......."
random dude
random dude Vor 18 Tage
That red lightning is a sign that someone's about to breakthrough Origin Returning Realm.
red lightining not red sprits
Dwarfedgiant Vor 3 Tage
No, lightening is white. The sprites are different things to lightening strikes.
Alien on my own Planet
OMG Red lightning .. never heard of it
Dwarfedgiant Vor 3 Tage
Sprites. Red sprites not red lightening.
Dark core-MC
Dark core-MC Vor 20 Tage
When red hulk yielded Thor’s hammer:
Super whatever gamin'
1:48, big floofball gets camerashy.
BeelzeKid Vor 21 Tag
11 not 10
Rio Milano
Rio Milano Vor 21 Tag
hooman EGG
Harry Topper
Harry Topper Vor 22 Tage
2:44 there goes my career
taymer almayran
taymer almayran Vor 22 Tage
off corse
MinecraftGo Vor 23 Tage
Wait human egg cells are visible to the naked eye?
MinecraftGo Vor 3 Tage
@Dwarfedgiant oh
Dwarfedgiant Vor 3 Tage
No. That's a magnified image.
Jhuncho Vor 24 Tage
anyone knows the audio for 1:20 please and thx u
MasonG 6412
MasonG 6412 Vor 24 Tage
dot dot
dot dot Vor 24 Tage
nobody: not a single soul: Jotaro: 0:30
Hell ÷ uzer
Hell ÷ uzer Vor 24 Tage
0:20 uhm...guess m more concerned with...THE HECK IS THAT HUGE SHINING THING NEXT TO IT!!!?🧐
Spider Vor 24 Tage
everybody gangsta until you become the trampoline rescue pad
roux man
roux man Vor 25 Tage
now the real question is how did he get multiple human eggs
Herbie Vor 25 Tage
Those 10 humans all have phobias of dimes now.
GraveUypo Vor 26 Tage
my dog loves that dog. she was running around barking now she's whimpering because i stopped replaying it
Shashwat Prasad
Shashwat Prasad Vor 27 Tage
Chinese aurora borealis is so China type , duh!
T0TALLYN00B Vor 28 Tage
me wondering how and why they have human eggs..
Johnny Quid
Johnny Quid Vor 29 Tage
Where to get this girl magnet, used in 0:25?
Taim Fallouh
Taim Fallouh Vor Monat
The cat is the boss now. 😎
That dog made a whole lake in their backyard.
enemyboat spotted
Roastie s eggs
K1tty2009 Vor Monat
Dog: Ay you! Get of our lawn! The cat: Did you just swear at me? 0:51
blitz Vor Monat
that red lightning looks like the end of evangelion
Evgeny Zak
Evgeny Zak Vor Monat
The girl at the end survived.
david _
david _ Vor Monat
red lightning? nah man that's just the other place
0:58 what’s weird is that is actually an unborn human being
Dwarfedgiant Vor 3 Tage
Not quite. It's not been fertilised so not human, just an egg.
plant Vor Monat
peter is in airplane mode
Suzanne DeMoranville
WHY AREN'T THERE MORE COMMENTS ABOUT THAT "AIRPLANE MODE" HEDGEHOG?! I DIED *wheeze* bshrrrrrr Bshrrrrrrr --(*^*)-- vshrrrrrr
Kobs Boy
Kobs Boy Vor Monat
0:06 ultra instinct music starts playing
Syafi Hamdani
Syafi Hamdani Vor Monat
So…….. humans DO lay eggs. Jk
samin gaming
samin gaming Vor Monat
Wait did I just here human egg
Dwarfedgiant Vor 3 Tage
DannyBruv Vor Monat
Yo, no way.. It’s the flash
Glennis Aleshia
Glennis Aleshia Vor Monat
The oceanic war intringuingly spare because fibre biophysically desert barring a faded permission. nippy, legal seagull
apple snow
apple snow Vor Monat
Gigi: Im having the best day of my life
Inservio Vor Monat
OUCH... that last one hit like a brick to the face. Swarms of jellyfish are becoming more and more common and are indicative of this planet's oceans being methodically wiped out by humans. Swimming through that as if it's beautiful is so tonedeaf I can only hope our species dies out quickly. I'm ashamed to be born into it.
Jacob Vor Monat
lord raiden came to earth
Lapist Macir
Lapist Macir Vor Monat
T posing hedgehog is the best hedgehog.
Golden Titan
Golden Titan Vor Monat
That is crazy. First there was blue fire. Now, we have red lightning! What's next, green lava?!
kyle gray
kyle gray Vor Monat
The unnatural path indirectly divide because ant normally spot since a rightful shelf. brief, thoughtless thought
PopTart -_-
PopTart -_- Vor Monat
*human egg*
Никола Кока Кола
Haters will say it’s fake
BladeAddict8 Vor Monat
​ @Human finisher Well.. technically, an "egg" is "aborted" every month once a woman reaches maturity.. as long as it in not fertilized. Hence our "periods/menstruation".
I'm a Pizza
I'm a Pizza Vor Monat
1:35 What Mario does when he sees a plane
flurry rush gamer
*human eggs* me: were not mammals?
scrats gone
scrats gone Vor Monat
cool vid
It's Savanna
It's Savanna Vor Monat
0:27 So none of ya'll are talking about this part 🤣
Ivan Mata
Ivan Mata Vor Monat
I didn't know that Jimmy Shadow
Darksli Vor Monat
1:31 so funny
Keith Young
Keith Young Vor Monat
RealJooJ Vor Monat
1:33 i thought he was gonna throw him across the room
Zer0 Gamer
Zer0 Gamer Vor Monat
00:52 when my mom threatans me if i dont clean my room and i dont
Ayden Garcia
Ayden Garcia Vor Monat
0:44 my dog trying to scare my cousin
The Raj Show
The Raj Show Vor Monat
Dog: i am not the kind of man i thought i was...
fun fact human eggs are the largest human cell and the only cell in the body that can be seen with the naked eye. Spermatazao is the smallest.
Aman Saji
Aman Saji Vor Monat
2:48 Man: I believe I can fl- whoaa!
Clayton Vor Monat
Wow I'm actually surprised how big a human egg is.
DerpyTurtel Vor Monat
0:44 when i tell my mom i finished my homework but she knew i didnt and i start running
Bruce Kavarna
Bruce Kavarna Vor Monat
The egg is SO BIG, I would've never imagine it being visible to the naked eye
0:09 looking like a team of demons
The Minecraft panda
I saw green lightning ????
badibadi Vor Monat
Oh no
how did u get those eggs is my question lol
CyberCelesta Vor Monat
0:51 when you try to go in front of people then remembers that you are a introvert ;-;
Stewart piers
Stewart piers Vor Monat
The pointless crack partially soothe because manicure eventually coach beside a loud chauffeur. fretful, jazzy shovel
smart dude
smart dude Vor Monat
0:10 oh hey its the night before christmas
Mr.Mischief Iknowyourpassword
I love that hedgehog T posing :) he's a great airplane.
warped strider11
1:35 he really do be 3d model
Now Now
Now Now Vor Monat
That so called space image is a doctored photo. The first images are real though. No more propaganda ok?
badibadi Vor Monat
@Now Now you have ur own beliefs and ur free to have ‘em sooooo…ok sure, you do you
Now Now
Now Now Vor Monat
@badibadi Seriously, if you look for satellites, actual time lapse footage of spinning globe, iss flyby footage f it circling spherical earth, Hubble photography of spinning spherical earth, you won’t find it. It doesn’t exist. It never did. Space as it’s told to us only exists in Hollywood. Go look for those things and please look for photos . This is 2021 , the video age. This info should be abundant and actual. Instead we get goofy cgi. Then search Flat Earth in Google. You will see that the goofy images you find on Google search match the pinned first 15 or so videos when you search flat earth. DEbins had to testify to congress that they would suppress flat earth movement and then they did. Aren’t people smart emerging to discern info for themselves? We are talking about science. If it’s bs then the bs should be easily found out. They created a fake trillion dollar industry. So many whys. I’m deleting this in 1 hour or so. I hope people read it and check things out for themselves. Notice all I could possibly gain is more ridicule? Im not making money. I have no channel. Check it out. Note, many of the debunk channels DO make money and their run by gov. Anyway good luck .
badibadi Vor Monat
@Now Now lol ok
Now Now
Now Now Vor Monat
@badibadi So answer one of my questions. You cannot. You’re just another mindless name caller. A zero. You people like to bully your way through by insulting and act like you win an argument. Then more clowns follow behind you thinking the same. Stop being weak.
badibadi Vor Monat
People, we have another flat-earther. AKA another Karen who read some ‘articles’ on Facebook.
``space`` is made in hollywood basement
Vasya Vasilich
Vasya Vasilich Vor Monat
Since when the word sperm became so dirty, we actually need to replace it with human eggs
Veian Goran
Veian Goran Vor Monat
Those people literally knew each other when they were eggs
Hmm, seems like red lightning was leaked by the Daily Dose guy for Elden Ring's dragon boss. Seems legit.
TheSchmo Vor Monat
Cannibal; Mmmm! Human eggs for breakfast ... .... ....
Joshua Cesar
Joshua Cesar Vor Monat
When you saw the earth is round it's round.
Sunab Vor Monat
1:32 "Talk about low budget flights! No food or movies? I'm outta here, I like running better!"
Man Stops Charging Elephant
Man That Can Move His Veins