Cat Politely Asks Man For Pets 

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Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a cat touches a man's beard and asks to be pet.

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Cat Pet: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHjKE...

Rocks: www.twitch.tv/sweet_anita

Windows: guthrieruby

Backwards Car: 275851267499...

Arrow Trickshot: jamesjeantr...

Dog Park: tinyurl.com/ahs9ntfe

Satellites: pCPLssMnHDPh/

Rest of the videos: debins.info/camera/dkQ...

Also in this video, SpaceX satellites travel in the sky. A man spins a cat on the floor. A car drives backwards on the highway. Doing a science experiment with baking soda and ketchup. A man can curve an arrow and is an excellent archer. A man drives and R/C car at a dog park.


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24 Mai 2021



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KOMMENTARE 14 706   
Reese Vor 2 Monate
The hamster at the end was the literal definition of, “Hang in there”
Hector Mazo
Hector Mazo Vor Monat
170th comment!
Luca Angeli
Luca Angeli Vor Monat
Yoo my hamster was used to do that. Then he died from injury
VR Gaming and More
yea it be even funnier if it was figuratively the definition of “hang in there”
Annieッ Vor Monat
Kid Power
Kid Power Vor Monat
My life
its a bully
its a bully Vor 14 Stunden
kid fricking dies in factory every oompa loompas: 3:06
Lythium Vor 2 Tage
"cat politely asks man for pets" * stabs him in the face with his juiced out claws *
Jfsport Vor 3 Tage
That’s a nice cat
Dee_xx Vor 4 Tage
The guy in the window, made me laugh...so silly :)
Someboi Vor 4 Tage
The Ketchup fact is good, but how can we make it a *Bomb?*
Puja Singh
Puja Singh Vor 4 Tage
That's zerka in the first clip
The Majestic Mr. L
2:18 me playing Nintendogs on my DS in 2007
Owen Mergliano
Owen Mergliano Vor 7 Tage
I have seen two spacex satalite trains at the same time.
Fx Fx
Fx Fx Vor 11 Tage
1:12 Protagonist going to set out on a mission to lift the algorithm before the tomato bomb explodes
Yourfavanimeperson 123
1:25 me in gta
Hufflepuff Baseball
Golden Doodle gang here
Ashutosh Thakur
Ashutosh Thakur Vor 13 Tage
1:45 Whenever I see my crush 😂
Melissa Carmack-epling
Luv your videos im new but hooked.... ❤💚💙💜💛
Jailah Bryel
Jailah Bryel Vor 15 Tage
Jesus is coming soon, get saved, repent, and follow God’s will!
JD Vor 15 Tage
1:09 Tenet. That person is just inverted
juan garcia
juan garcia Vor 17 Tage
i guess the car thought it was doing time travel to the past.
yermanoh Vor 18 Tage
that one old doggo at the park that can just about walk in circles but still wants to chase the toy car with the pack
16 BITS Vor 21 Tag
the rc car in the dog park reminds me of somthing...... OH SHIT I HAVENT FED MY NITENDOGS IN 6 YEARS
Christian Ewertsen
sassiebrat Vor 24 Tage
The dog park vid is the best!
Skyler Vor 24 Tage
0:17 is me when I'm hungry
MaddieBug06 and minecraft and codes
Yeah that seems like something us Ohioans would do
Micke Nilsson
Micke Nilsson Vor 25 Tage
That ketchup and bacon soda is good for self defense
Andrew Reeds
Andrew Reeds Vor 25 Tage
1:12 Wrong choice of music tho.
바나나 Vor 25 Tage
1:09 fake fact: He is the only one who's going forward, and the video is just reversed
Sampson Jr.
Sampson Jr. Vor 26 Tage
2:18 Nintendogs flashbacks
Khairy Aizat
Khairy Aizat Vor 26 Tage
Cats intense staring gave me feelings that it was a paid actor
MMO Archives
MMO Archives Vor 27 Tage
that car driving backwards are just used car salesman running back mileage
Soul of Travisty
Soul of Travisty Vor 27 Tage
No one: The enemy archers in Dark Souls games: 2:00
Pranav Polakam
Pranav Polakam Vor 28 Tage
That seal was probably trying to advocate for its freedom or something... "Y'all think we're here on display?! Let us out into the waters! The food here sucks!!" yup, totally can imagine it XD
Professor Frog
Professor Frog Vor 28 Tage
0:40 they're ruining the night sky for everyone, astronomers especially, and no one bats an eye.
moviemad56 Vor 26 Tage
I do! I bat an eye. 😭 Can't stand that Musk guy.
მე ვარ
Ketchup experiment reminds me of something else that all of us know.
HoneyRat Vor Monat
0:03 Do you see that drool? That cat must love that man.
Noe Day
Noe Day Vor Monat
I saw the satellite in Space at where my. Place to
Noe Day
Noe Day Vor Monat
Omg I saw the satellite too
Semii Vor Monat
Is it legal to drive backwards?
Daily Dose: Time For Lunch! Hamster: I WILL BE THERE IN A MINUTE!!
Imagine Hamsters Were Humans
Squidwards' Last Words
The cat's dream was to become a fidget spinner!😂😂🤣
Squidwards' Last Words
The seal was like get me out of water, I am drowning here!!! 😂😁😁😁
sml fan
sml fan Vor Monat
the second clip is not a satellite it those lasers the star war ship shoot
Jennifer Shortly
1:20 oh no i losy my phone let me retrace my steps
zer0nix Vor Monat
I can legitimately say that I was having a bad moment and watching your videos made me smile and laugh again. Thank you, and never stop doing what you do!
Jack Tate
Jack Tate Vor Monat
That was Santa’s slay out on a test run.
Ike Williams
Ike Williams Vor Monat
why would space x satelites be moving together in a row like that?
Patrick Lowski
Patrick Lowski Vor Monat
so you made a soda and vinegar volcano?
Mega Plays
Mega Plays Vor Monat
Idra Heard
Idra Heard Vor Monat
What a good cat!
Rustyduck Vor Monat
When i herd about the space x sattilites i tought that Elin musk had made a troll in morse code with the sattilites
potato Vor Monat
0:18 so that was how yoda screaming sound was made
Kate Dillon
Kate Dillon Vor Monat
1:56 this is literally one of the coolest things I've ever seen. dude archery is so awesome
Monkey D Rasheed
0:59 you spin me right round baby right round 🎶
Berek Exer
Berek Exer Vor Monat
That hammy at the end looking like Pinkman season 5
WizZz FizZz
WizZz FizZz Vor Monat
Jesus, how is that a trend thing now? Whoever is surprised at the ketchup and bicarb video did not pay any attention to the most basic of early childhood science lol, I'm pretty sure every kid has made a volcano how many actually learnt and understood why it works.
Vishal Sarkar
Vishal Sarkar Vor Monat
Now the cow be like...wow the tastes better with the red stuff
Jesse Bond
Jesse Bond Vor Monat
"This driver was driving backwards" *Tenet theme plays*
A Moobloom
A Moobloom Vor Monat
all i could think during the rc was "RUNIN IN THE NINTEYS, ITS A NEW WAY A LIK TO BE IM JUST"
Mimo Vor Monat
The SpaceX satellites made me sad ... polluting the earth isn't enough and now we are dumping skies too with SpaceX, Starlink etc.
Its Prestige
Its Prestige Vor Monat
The Seal didn't have to get political on us
Campbell Hoare
Campbell Hoare Vor Monat
VP3 Vor Monat
Marty McFly
Marty McFly Vor Monat
1. That cat DOES NOT like spinning. I guarantee you this. 2. Cars who reverse up onramps are called "Canadians"
Alliyah Gavreel
Alliyah Gavreel Vor Monat
1:55 this is a bloody crime scene lol
lonely jordon
lonely jordon Vor Monat
That cats got some shifu style wiskers
Good boi
AD ♪
AD ♪ Vor Monat
I need whatever that seal was on 😂😂
Ultra Necrozma
Ultra Necrozma Vor Monat
The TV cannot be defeated
Ultra Necrozma
Ultra Necrozma Vor Monat
The arrow is actually the skilled one
Ultra Necrozma
Ultra Necrozma Vor Monat
Plot twist: the car was actually the actor of Mator
Snapulous Vor Monat
0:35 In a galaxy far far awa- *STAR WARS SOUNDTRACK ROLLS IN*
А Семенов
1:57 Uchiha Itachi
Oreva Osaretinwmen
Spoiler: That car wasn't moving backwards, everyone other car was moving backwards... The video is in reverse.
Joshua Schopp
Joshua Schopp Vor Monat
Only in Ohio....
Chinook Vor Monat
Dang that Ohio car clip I know that place
yes Vor Monat
That man really skipped leg day
Toriel is a good mom
0:30 that's a sign you should keep it
pratik kharat
pratik kharat Vor Monat
1:35 Plz don't promote food wasting videos.
pratik kharat
pratik kharat Vor Monat
1:03 Interstellar 1:09 Tenet
Your Fren Ben
Your Fren Ben Vor Monat
1:48 me after having too much beer
Russian empire
Russian empire Vor Monat
Bruh the rocks looked like gummies with sour powder on them
jairusTV Vor Monat
Hamster in the end: king kong mode
Spicy Jensenvs
Spicy Jensenvs Vor Monat
2:42 Infinity stones
Tyler Hernandez
Tyler Hernandez Vor Monat
My cat would have gone at least 20 more miles an hour
Virtual Jam
Virtual Jam Vor Monat
"Why is a man happily dancing outside my shop window and filming me?"
H.B. Vor Monat
1:11 He was not driving backwards. He is just inverted.
sparky Vor Monat
Those dogs probably got an exercise while chasing the R.C Car!!
Mr. shard
Mr. shard Vor Monat
Lazerbeam watched this one 0:26
Jack Chhun
Jack Chhun Vor Monat
Rip the grass
Pepisgaming Vor Monat
1:10 plot twist: everyone else was riding backwards and he was driving normal and this was rewinded
Nuredin Geziqi
Nuredin Geziqi Vor Monat
2:18 that dude played Nintendogs in real life
nh sw
nh sw Vor Monat
The wandering multi-hop expectably drown because balance serologically file over a conscious jason. amusing, foregoing friday
Blue Plays
Blue Plays Vor Monat
The spacex satellites are evolving... they learned how to group with each other
Pugimus gaming
Pugimus gaming Vor Monat
1:13 that’s a 10/10 for me on that mans driving skills
K N I G H T Vor Monat
Me after eating taco bell 1:50
Jemima Mima
Jemima Mima Vor Monat
Me when I sneeze while on my period 1:48
BEN Vor Monat
0:03 just a video with a cat 0:18 interesting, a screaming seal 0:26 just a guy throwing a broken tv 0:35 very interesting, you don't see a train like that every day 0:49 just a video with a dog 0:55 just a guy spinning a cat 1:10 interesting, car driving backwards 1:35 kinda interesting experiment 1:56 very interesting archer 2:19 a bit interesting, dogs running after a RC car 2:37 interesting glass 2:55 just a guy and reflections 3:11 an ok outro, cute hamster
BEN Vor Monat
just a ... < a bit interesting < kinda interesting < interesting < very interesting
splash splash ur opinion is trash -
nobody: bullets in any battlefield game: 0:34
Aniston T.G.
Aniston T.G. Vor Monat
When I was listening the sound of the seal and my mom is like "Is that KEVIN HART?"
Man Stops Charging Elephant